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Dad Gift: Stocking Stuffers

A lot of the stuff I carry around as a dude and a dad is too small to be classified as a “real gift” so I put together a little list of gifts (in no particular order) that can be given as multiple small gifts rather than one large gift.

Husky folding utility knife looking bad ass

Husky folding utility knife looking bad ass

1. Husky Folding Utility Knife

I’ve written about the Husky here before. It’s simply a folding utility knife. You know, like the heavy duty kind you’d cut linoleum with. I like it better than a pocket knife only cause it IS razor sharp so it can go from opening the mail to cutting carpet. It’s not something he’d carry around in his pocket all week, it’s chunky and heavy, but it’s definitely something he could keep in the pocket of his “weekend pants”. If your man is the kind of guy who wears khakis and a polo all weekend this may not be the gift for him. Maybe he’d like some Sperry Topsiders. Husky Folding Knife on Amazon.

2. Small Multitool

Gerber Multitool that I have and love.

Something like a Gerber Multitool is pretty handy AND something he can carry in his normal work-week pants. There are versions with scissors and versions with pliers. I like the pliers even though they’re not the most powerful things, but why have scissors when there’s a blade as part of the multitool? Stuff like this is always something you never really think you need but once you have it the number of times you pull it out is crazy and you start wondering what you ever did without it. There’s a damn saw on the thing. Also tiny scissors. I don’t know, I’m a gdaget guy who watched a lot of MacGyver and too much Bear Grylls so I feel like I’m ready for survival with this in my pocket.


The green laser. About the size of a Sharpie Marker.

Not a little kitty toy kind of red laser. A stronger, more powerful, not-safe-for-pets laser. This kind of green laser is only like $10 on amazon. It’s powerful enough that at night you can shine a beam for a freaking mile. If it’s a tiny bit hazy you can fully see the beam like a giant light sabre. WHY? Well what i find myself using it for most is to point stuff out to my daughter. During the day you can still see the green dot so if there’s something up in a tree or in the yard and you’re trying to do the “look over there” thing to your kid and they are looking up in the sky and all over the world rather than where you’re pointing, you bust out the laser and BAM, green dot.

Terrible shot trying to show the beam. Trust me, it's like a light sabre on hazy nights.

4. Workgloves

My gloves

My gloves

Once again, I’ve written about these before, but I DO love them. They’re just lightweight workgloves to protect his pretty hands when doing projects with splintery things. They’re OK for gardening, but I like the dirt under my nails. I do forget to wear them most of the time until it’s too late and I have a splinter, but I DO like them. They’re usually found in Home Depot with the other hand tools like the saws and screw drivers. Make sure if you get them they are snug fitting. I think I have a medium and they are nice and snug. If you want a comparison, my hands are slightly larger than an average woman’s hands (ok, ok, take it easy fellas).

5. A normal pocket knife

Mmm. Smith & Wesson Black Handle Black Serrated Knife

I like assisted- open kinds (that means it opens super easy with the flick of the thumb on a little nub on the blade, not like a switchblade, but close) but any of these are awesome. As long as it’s small enough to fit in the pocket and is lightweight. Most of the composite or rubberized bodies are great. Something around a 2 or 3 inch blade is more than he’d ever need in everyday life. PLus, any larger and it gets funky in your pocket and doesn’t lay across the bottom of your pocket, it gets diagonal and awkward. Of course there’s always the completely impractical but AWESOME Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge. But it’s rare I find myself in survival situations.

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