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Dad Gift: Nail Guns

Nail guns are the absolute best. There’s not a much better feeling than building stuff by popping in nails effortlessly with a nail gun.

I got a a pancake compressor and nail gun at Home Depot last summer and it was one of the best things I’ve ever bought. (I would’ve gotten the 3-gun combo but I already had one of the nail gun sizes).

OK, I’m going to break this down specifically for people reading this wondering what the hell is a nail gun combo blahbidiblah.

This is a Porter Cable Combo pack

So a nail gun is just what it sounds like, a gun that shoots nails. Yes it’s safe and it’s not like a gun gun, like you can’t aim it at the wall and blast nails across the room (not without heavy modification that NO I HAVE NOT DONE, wink wink, but the guys at did). You can get these combos at any big box store like Home Depot or Lowes. They look like this photo.

The time-savings on building projects is immeasurable.

What will he use it for?

Working on the DIY shoe rack with the Porter Cable Nail Gun

Well I use mine for any number of projects.The smaller gun is great for fine finish work and stapling. You’ll be creating projects as an excuse to use it. For example, I built this shoe rack in like 2 minutes because of the nail gun (ok, an hour because I had to cut up all the wood and sand it, but the nailing? 2 minutes.). It’s tiny, lightweight, and is ready to use in minutes. You plug it in, the tank fills with air, plug your hose in, and you’re ready to go. Pop, pop, pop, and you’re all nailed and done.

What else is it good for?

Glad you asked. There are PLENTY of pneumatic accessories you can get as add-on gifts for birthdays and stocking stuffers throughout the years. One good one is a blow gun attachment or an accessory kit that has a tire inflation attachment AND a blow gun attachment. The blow gun attachment itself is awesome. Dirty mower deck and engine… BLOW GUN. Kiddie pool needs inflating… BLOW GUN. Hot and sweaty working on a project and blow some cold air up your shorts… BLOW GUN. They recommend against inflating sport balls, but come on, you just have to be careful.

How Much?

As of right now they run anywhere from like $150 for 2-gun combo to like $250 for the 3-gun combo (get the 3-gun).

What else do you have to buy?

At first, nothing. The combos usually come with a couple packs of the different sizes of nails and staples for each gun (like a couple thousand of each size nail), cases, and hoses, etc.

The big framing nailer you can buy for like $199.

The nail sizes normally range from like normal 1/4″ staples in the smallest gun, to 2 1/2″ finishing nails in the largest gun in the combo. The guns get larger from there like you could go buy a [amazon_link id=”B0000B3AR9″ target=”_blank” ]big daddy Porter-Cable Round Head 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer[/amazon_link].

In conclusion

Even if your dad, or your man, or the guy in your life doesn’t KNOW he needs this, he DOES.

Disclaimer: Those are all affiliate links. Please click and buy so I can make $.0000001. Thanks.


  • Pesce

    Completely agree! I love my nail guns!!!


  • Peter Means

    Lovin’ mine so far. Had it for all of couple of days. All tires are up to snuff, and test boards have been nailed to the floor, because I can.


  • Beta Dad

    I saw the words “nail gun” and had to rush over to see what was up. I have 5 of ’em at last count: 3 Paslode cordless ones (framing and 2 finish), a Hitachi framer that runs off the compressor, and a Porter Cable roofer. I love them all dearly, but the Hitachi has a special place in my heart, since I framed the 800 sq ft addition on my house with it. It’s so light and powerful and badass looking. I got it through Amazon for under $300. It’s about $350 at Home Depot and they don’t even carry the latest model with the cool green hulk-esque graphics. Porter Cable makes good tools (except for their cordless ones, which I’ve had a lot of trouble with), but the Hitachi is the industry standard for framing nailers, at least here in Cali. Didn’t really mean to write a whole post on your blog, especially with my phone, but I get excited about tools. You know how it is.


    • Pete Fazio

      I know what you’re saying, I feel like I can talk about power tools all day. I love the Hitachi tools but haven’t ponied up for them. But I do get most stuff on Amazon. Amazon Prime is my savior… free 2-day shipping. I need a framing nailer for sure.


  • Handyguy Brian

    Nail guns are definitely in the top 5 of my favorite tools. I have about 5 of them, also pneumatic wrenches and of course the blower for all sorts of things. Lastly, target practice!!! ;) Don’t try that at home.

    Handyguy Brian


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