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Crafty bug

Have you ever asked yourself “What do I do with these empty egg cartons?” AND “What kind of craft can I make with my son or daughter?”. Probably not, but you MIGHT have. If you DID you are in SO MUCH luck. This is the oldest trick in the book. I have no idea what “the book” is, but I know there’s a book that must have a lot of old tricks in it, cause I hear that expression a LOT, but I digress.

On with the craft.

This is an easy one. They can pretty much do the whole thing themselves.

  • Get an old egg carton, both kinds work (styrofoam or cardboard)
  • Let your kid paint it however they want. Mine went with purple.
  • Glue some googly eyes on the front.
  • Jam pipe cleaners into some holes in the carton (they can use a sharpened pencil or scissors if you trust your kid with sharp things. I do, so the bean did this almost all by herself.)
  • Bend the pipe cleaners to be leggy.
  • Tell them you’re going to take it to work and put it on your desk.

Craft with an egg carton

If you go through eggs like I do you’ll have a carton a week to make bugs with. If you have a special gal in your life who likes growing plants from seeds, you should check this post out on It’s about what you can do with egg cartons and paper towel tubes and gardening.


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