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Change your oil using new synthetic oil filters

How to Change Your Oil

We use to say “Oil” like “Earl.”

As in…

“There’s earl in them thar hills.”

Black gold.

Texas Tea.

And then the Clampetts pull into my driveway in their ’23 oldsmobile truck and help me change the oil.

These are the things that run through my head every time I change my oil.

And yes, I’m that guy.

The one perceived by neighbors as too cheap to go to the $18.99 oil change place. But we all know the $18.99 oil change place is never $18.99. There’s always some “upcharge” and then they pull out those charts and forms and vials of brown fluid that show you all the services you are supposedly overdue.

And I don’t have Jed Clampett money.

Nah. Not for me. I’d rather just take an hour and do it in the driveway. And know that it’s right, with the right parts and the things that are supposed to be tight are tight.

You know we like to do straight-forward DIY and how-to stuff here at dadand, so when the folks at Purolator reached out to us about their oil filters, I jumped at the chance to do a little video and use products from the company that invented the oil filter, right here in the USA, over 90 years ago.

Go ‘Merica. Now watch.

Yup, that’s an oil change. But a few more things I wanted to note, and couldn’t cover in the video:

  • Never change oil from a hot engine
  • Read and adhere to the instructions and warnings that came with your jack, vehicle ramps or jack stands
  • Some vehicle manufacturers suggest you change the oil drain plug gasket each time you change the oil, check your owner’s manual

Purolator Oil Filter Change – #PurolatorKeepItPure

As far as the Purolator Synthetic Oil Filter, I wanted to note the exterior of the filter had some type of texture which was really grippy when I installed (hand tight, then another ¾ turn with a filter wrench).

I think it’s kinda fascinating that Purolator could improve on a product they invented 90 years ago. And thanks to them for providing some oil filters for us to do a DIY oil change post. Check them out at

But either way I’d encourage you to change your own oil. At least try it. Let us know how it goes, and when you’re done, go jump in the ce-ment pond.

Disclosure: Dadand received compensation and/or products to test. We believe in every product and service we review at Dadand, and promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Product or service placement in our posts helps us to do what we love—doing things yourself (DIY) and showing you how to do it yourself.



  • Tess @ Tips on Life and Love

    Thanks for sharing this. Other than knowing how to change a tire, this is one of the most important things you can learn to do yourself. Changing the “Earl” (as I also grew up saying) was one of the first things my dad taught me when I got my first car. Anyway, thanks again.


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