Dad Gifts: Shop Stuffers. (Or really big stocking stuffers for Dad.)

Well, not only for dad. I think plenty of moms would love this stuff too. Or people with big stockings. Here’s a smattering of stuff you could put next to the stocking if not in it. Some new and cool tools. Some ol’ faithful friends.  An unofficial official Christmas tool guide if you will… Either … Continue Reading

Dad Gifts: Stocking stuffers part deux

We thought about categorizing this as gifts for DIY ladies but they’re good quick gifts for anyone, so don’t be sexist. Let’s get to it. Knee Pads Trust me, you don’t realize you need knee pads until you’ve been kneeling down for hours helping a friend put down a room full of tile. You’re kneeling … Continue Reading

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Minimal Monday: Jigsaw Blade Case

You know Dadand likes tools. And stuff that goes with tools. The other day, I stopped at a home center that I don’t often visit. I was price checking some patio doors. And I decided to browse the tool section to compare their pricing to my usual home center. (Note: if a certain home center … Continue Reading

Tool handle repair, or how to fix a broken tamper handle

So I’m using a 10×10 tamper to help cram about 100 gallons worth of weeds into a 50 gallon sized garbage can. After about the third smash, OH SNAP! (pun intended) Broken tamper handle.  Here’s how I fix that broken tool handle. This is what I’m looking at. No problem. Time for some tool handle … Continue Reading

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How to remove a stripped screw.

If you want to know how to remove a stripped screw, or what IS a stripped screw, that right up there is a stripped screw. If that happens out in the shed when you’re building a workbench, no big deal. Cut it off with your angle grinder and put in another. When it happens in … Continue Reading

Organize My Life

With four kids, 3 vehicles and what seems like endless projects on the house and general fix-em’s, I need any help I can get. With whatever. I seem to have this left/right brain struggle going on all the time as well. I am super organized when it comes to certain things, and others…well…it’s like an … Continue Reading

Reattaching a Paper Towel Holder

Did someone at your work or home get a little aggressive ripping paper towels off the mounted holder above the sink? Same here. But fear not those large holes in the wall where it used to be attached, there’s always some kind of fix for your problem. In my opinion, one of the best options … Continue Reading

You don’t have Skycraft.

You don’t have Skycraft, but you wish you did. Do you need a toggle switch with one of those red safety covers like they use when they launch rockets? Or how about an actual surplus rocket? You need Skycraft Parts & Surplus. I’ve been in Orlando for almost 35 years, and I think this place … Continue Reading

Deck Nails vs Deck Screws

If you’re building your own deck you’ll find there are a ton of ways to fasten down the decking. You can go high-end and use hidden fasteners, you can go middle-of-the-road and go with screws, and you can go low-end and use nails. I’m going to go ahead and right off the bat tell you … Continue Reading

Dad Gift: Stocking Stuffers

A lot of the stuff I carry around as a dude and a dad is too small to be classified as a “real gift” so I put together a little list of gifts (in no particular order) that can be given as multiple small gifts rather than one large gift. 1. Husky Folding Utility Knife I’ve written … Continue Reading

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