My Little Pony Birthday Cake Fail

I make my daughter’s birthday cakes by hand. They’re not professional level, and neither of us care (at least she doesn’t yet). They’re usually a little crooked, slanted, and never perfect, but nothing this bad… the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Birthday Cake Fail. OK, so I KNOW I can go to the grocery store … Continue Reading

Assembly of kid's bike, bicycle from dad blog

Assembling Kid’s Bikes

Assembling the Mongoose Mutant 16″ Boys Freestyle Bike to be exact. The kids went from swaddled little burritos to training wheels…awfully fast. Today my son and daughter, fraternal twins, turned four. I remember on the morning they were born—I was remembering bringing home my first born. Got that? You know, there’s no manual. You don’t … Continue Reading

Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh? (It’s Free Printable Clothing Drawer Labels)

I’ve got a secret. Well, not really a secret, but more like a discovery.  I found this room in my house. It was kinda like stumbling upon the lost city of Atlantis. A dirty, smelly Atlantis where there is an abundance of lonely unmatched socks. Yes, under piles of clothes, empty detergent jugs, mop buckets … Continue Reading

Summer Splash

“Daaaaad…I’m booorrred.” At least 23 times per day. “What are we going to do? Are we going outside? Can we ride bikes? Is it going to rain again?” “Dad. I’m. Bored.” Yup. It’s summer. Summer’s in full swing and for most people that means school’s out and it’s time to keep the kids busy. Although … Continue Reading

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Hog Pen

A while back my oldest son wanted a pet and we decided that he was ready for the responsibility (or at least learn about the responsibility) of keeping his very own living, breathing entity. I now flash back to age 3, and his first pet. A goldfish. Guess. It’s name was Dorothy. She was found…uhhh…“sleeping … Continue Reading

Finished remote control

Kid-Proofing Your Home

My beautiful wife, Star, asked me the other day where all of the small spoons were. “Are there some in the dishwasher, because the drawer is empty?” “Yeah there’s like two here.” I replied. “That’s it?” she asked. My thoughts played like jump-cuts in a 15 second TV commercial. I saw my 3 year-old twins … Continue Reading

Broken leg with terminator-like hardware

Break a Leg

It’s been a while, huh? My better half in this blog (Pete) has been picking up my slack, while my better half at home (Star) is recovering from a pretty serious broken leg. The kind of broken leg that requires Terminator-like rods, cables, screws and pins to fix. Along with six months to a year … Continue Reading

Men are from Mars… you know the rest

I think everyone’s heard of the “Men are from Mars” book. It was a household name back in the early 90s, one of those things that became part of the vernacular. “Duh, you know what they say… Men are from Mars bwah haha” Blech, whatever. Guess what? That dude was onto something. My marriage didn’t … Continue Reading

Spring Lawn Care Tips

We all dream of a lush, green lawn… a lawn with those cool, alternating, diagonal lines like a baseball field… a lawn that is manicured with the precision and accuracy of the eyebrows of that orange guy I saw out at the bar the other night. If you want a lawn that looks so good … Continue Reading

Child Embarrassment. Do it early and often.

My friend Brad once said “I’ve always believed that the sooner your kids are embarrassed by you, the better. You’ll both be used to it by the teen years.” I think singing along and dancing is the easiest way. The photo above was taken mid-song. Me belting out the Beatles “Birthday” on the way to … Continue Reading

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