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Bob Vila and

Bob Vila and Dadand

Marty and I have been DIYing in one way or another our whole lives, but it wasn’t until recently that we started writing about it on It’s good thing we did, because we’ve been asked to be featured authors on We couldn’t be happier.

See that right there? That’s me. On Bob Vila’s site.

Pete Fazio on

Yes, THAT Bob Vila. I don’t have to go through his resumé with you, you know who he is. I’m sure watching Bob Vila is a large part of why I love Sears, renovating, and DIY. And also probably why 90% of my wardrobe is flannel shirts (Wait, 90% of my wardrobe are flannel shirts? is flannel shirts? “Is” SOUNDS right, but there’s something grammatical about “are”, right? I better figure that out before I do another post for him).

ANYWAY, we’ll be regular contributors to Bob’s blog so be sure to go check out and look for us. We will write how-tos, tutorials, how-not-tos, and probably be tackling topics that are way too serious for our pages, like Pete’s first post, “How to Install a Drywall Anchor“.

We’ll be letting you know when our posts are live over there, but keep checking back here for our normal nonsense. We cleaned up our act a little for Bob, he IS the freaking DEAN OF DIY, after all. Show some respect.



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