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Another Sugru Post

Yup, another post about Sugru.

Well, it’s worthy of at least ten more posts. And we’re not compensated for this, we’re just in Sugru love. If you don’t know what it is, then see Pete’s post. If you don’t want to click away from this engaging post, then I’ll summarize how awesome Sugru is…

Sugru is All Awesome.

I haven’t had my very own bag of Sugru until now, but I got to see the results last time I was up at Pete’s place. So I eagerly opened my 12 minipack multi-colored Sugru resealable awesome foil bag like my son tears into a bag of fruit gums and got to fixin’.

Fruit gums apparently are what the English call the little fruit gummy bear-like snacks. I just wanted to say fruit gums.

I got that from Gordon Ramsay. And I love it when he calls people “Donkey”.

Oh, okay. First up, a remote control. It would seem by my posts here I have a thing about remote controls.

But what dad doesn’t?

My littlest one bit the ‘input’ button right off and it makes it problematic to have to get out of bed to change from TV to our Netfilx.

Nah. Ain’t doin’ it.

And since it’s a frequently used button, I picked a pack of orange to make my very own, very visible, button.

Will I find the button at the bottom of a diaper?

I know. Just go buy a new universal remote for $6. The problem is not all the buttons work when you do that, and I want to use some Sugru.

I pried the remote case open, took out the molded silicone button pad thing and started thinking.

Which is what many of these ‘makers’ don’t do nowadays.


They just start cutting stuff and figuring it out as they go. I can’t stand that. Have you seen the craftsmanship on some of the instructables projects?

Neither have I. I think that’s why they call it hacking. Cause most of the people doing this stuff are just hacks.


Yup, button is long gone.

All of the buttons have a little coating on the underside, which is conductive, since you have to complete the circuit on the board so the remote knows I now need to change from Wipeout on TV to an old episode of Top Gear on Netflix. Or for you moms, change from America’s Next Top Model on TV to some crying-chick-drama-victorian-era-masterpiece-theatre-thing on Netflix.

I found there was a few buttons unused on the bottom of the button mold, so I cut one out to replace the bitten off one. And I’d have to build up the height of the button since the factory sliced the unused button down to fit in the case.

Using a straight razor, I sliced out the unused button, then used it as a template to cut out the broken button.

Out with the old, in with the new (and some sugru).

It’s time to open your Sugru.

I smeared a little bit around the base of the button to hold it in place, then built it up so it would be taller and wider than the other buttons.

Here you can see some orange sugru that squeezed through as a result of me applying pressure around the new button with a small flathead screwdriver. Also you can see the darker-colored, conductive material on the backs of the buttons.

Now take that silicone button pad and put it right back in the top of the case.


I used the case top to extrude the button for a nice fit, then removed the excess.

"Extruding" the Sugru through the top of the remote case. Yeah, it looks all wonky here, but I'm leaving the excess to cure, then will trim it up nice and proper with a straight razor blade.

Now just a little more clean up and we'll set it off to cure overnight.

Remove it from the top. Careful, it sticks. Let dry overnight.


ARRGGGGGHHHHHHH! Where’s the nosepiece on my safety glasses?

That’s the cleaned up version of what I said last time I used my router table.

When I first heard of Sugru, I searched it on the interwebs and thought it was some material for fixing glasses. Everyone did it.

So I lost the nosepiece on my $18 safety glasses, making them ride too close to my eyes or just plain falling off.

Clean the area up with some rubbing alcohol. Don't get it on the lenses though.

Using the rest of the orange Sugru, I made some ‘play-doh snakes’ and applied them liberally to the glasses.

Then I kind of went around and pinched them to form the shape I was after.

Starting to get a rough shape. The good thing is that you have plenty of working time with Sugru.

I don’t know if this is proper, but I licked my finger like when you turn the page of a book–a printed book, and then smoothed it out all nice like.

Then a trial fit on the noggin with some pressure on the bridge of the nose to get a kustom fit. Kustom with a ‘K’ y’all.

The front prior to some more smoothing.

Pretty much there. I just smoothed it out some more after a trial fit.

Bam. Fixed glasses.

So now go get some Sugru. And put some on the tip of yer surfboard so next time you get nailed in the temple it won’t hurt so much.

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