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2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide – Gifts for Dad

Strapped for ideas for Father’s Day? Don’t worry, dadand’s got ya.

DIY Dads need hearing protection like this STIHL Dynamic BT Hearing Protection

STIHL Dynamic BT Hearing Protection

Thanks to STIHL, no longer do I have to cram ear buds under my normal earmuff hearing protection. These Bluetooth® headphones sync up easily to my phone, offer great hearing protection, and I can listen to whatever I want at a lower volume. They also have a built-in microphone so you can answer a call without fumbling for a phone.

About $120 (must buy at a dealer)

Dope Dads get the Beastie Boys Book for Father's Day

Beastie Boys Book

A great look at the lifetime friendship of the beasties as told by Mike D and AdRock. It spans from when they met through the crazy rise to the top of the world, and how they became who they are today. I loved every word. (And not to brag but Marty and I met up in Philly in April to see their two-man-one-man-show. NOICE!)

About $30

What dad doesn't want Howard Stern's book as a gift

Howard Stern Comes Again

Howard’s new book… I’m a huge Howard Fan so I made it harder on the family by buying what my family probably would have bought for me. Sucks to be them. This is a book of Howard’s favorite interviews over the years but so much more. It’s also a story of how he evolved as a person and became the best interviewer of our time.

About $20

The Wisp Cleaning System for Father's Day Gift Ideas

WISP Cleaning System

Buy my dad a broom? Is that like buying my mom a vacuum? NO! It’s not. This isn’t a “broom”, it’s a cleaning system. It’s a telescoping, one-handed broom with a foot operated dustpan and a MiniWISP and Mini dustpan included. Perfect for his shop, or basement, or… I don’t want to say it, I hate saying it, no way I’m saying it… fine… his mancave. I feel dirty. Someone sweep me under the rug. Learn more.

About $40

FastCap Kaizen Foam will organize Dad's toolbox in the garage for DIY

FastCap Kaizen Foam

“Kaizen” apparently means “improvement” in Japanese. And improving the organization of your tools is nearly as fun as the work you do with them. If your garage is for show or go, some Kaizen foam will get everything in its proper place. This foam can be cut and peeled away to the depth you decide, preventing your tools from rolling around every time you open or close a drawer. You’ll also be able to take a quick inventory after working on a project to make sure no tool is left behind™. They come in various thicknesses and sheet sizes. So there. I improved your fluency in Japanese and your toolbox.

About $26 per 2’x4′ sheet

FastCap Long Nose Pattern Marker is used by dad blog to create gaskets and other DIY uses

FastCap Long Nosed Pattern Maker Pen

You know how Bob Barker had that really long microphone? Well, I’m not sure how this is the same thing—but it’s what I thought of when I was recently making a gasket for a small engine. The FastCap Long Nosed Pattern Maker pen makes tracing objects a little easier, allowing you to get down inside deep objects when transferring shapes and dimensions for cutting and fitting. Want to mark out a cut line in the Kaizen foam you just bought? Make a gasket for lawnmower? Trace a Plinko chip?

About $7

Dads might want an AMT model kit for Fathers Day like this 1953 Ford pickup

AMT Model Kit

When I got sick as a kid, sometimes my Dad would bring home a model kit for me to build. Y’know, something to do to take your mind off the fever or whatever. And that highly-toxic glue helped clear up the sinuses. AMT has some great throwback model kits with retro packaging to bring back all the childhood memories. Ahh, it seems like yesterday…rushing through a build and leaving glued fingerprints all over the windows. I recently got a “3in1” ’53 Ford Pickup that can be built as a stock truck, a custom or a service wrecker. And get ready to go down the rabbit hole as there’s more tools, supplies, techniques and tutorials available today than the ubiquitous red tube of glue, nylon paint brush and glass bottle of enamel paint we had back in the day. Give Dad a sick day.

Most kits are about $26

DIY Dad blogger carries this Rustico single track leather wallet in his front pocket

Rustico Single Track Leather Wallet

Just like the grocery stores put the bakery in the front of the store so you smell the smells that make you buy more—the wafting scent of leather led me into Rustico’s trade show booth at a recent convention. I was lured not only by the aroma, but the design of the booth—and ultimately the range of wallets, journals and belts they create. I absolutely didn’t need another wallet, but I left with this Single Track Leather wallet that holds a few cards in each of the two sewn pockets. You can get it machine- or hand-sewn in a variety of finishes that will age with character. If “dad” was a smell, this should be it. Better than sliced bread.

About $15

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