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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

We’re making a list, we’re checking it once, we don’t care if you’re smart or a dunce, dadand dudes are makiiiiing a list (and a bad rhyme).

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the dadand gift guide.

Lock Pick Beginners Box – ~$30

This gift says, “It’s time to teach yourself a new skill. A skill you’ll probably never need but that would be awesome to have, like learning French.” It also says, hey you look smart enough to figure out how to outsmart a lock.

This lock pick set is absolutely suitable for learners of all levels, and comes complete with:

  • A full 15 piece lock pick set with lock picks, tension tools and extractor
  • A Secret Agent / Spy Concealed Credit Card Pick Set
  • A fully-working, easy practice padlock with a see-through mechanism with keys
  • A double-sided, see-through practice training lock with keys
  • Our 43-page eBook with colour photos for Single Pin Picking

We have this set, and we love it for practicing our lock pick skills, and my daughter loves it because of the transparent padlock.

Zebra F-301 Compact Ballpoint Stainless Steel Pen – ~$8

This is an awesome daily carry pen, especially if you’re buying for someone like us who always wants everything right on their person at all times. Pen, knife, and probably a Sharpie. It’s a great gift for a gift exchange or a stocking stuffer. It writes great with a smooth fine line and steady ink flow (.7mm, black). It takes refiller cartridges so it’s not disposable. It looks cool. We don’t know how else to tell you it’s great.

Red Stag by Jim Beam – $20 for 750ml

I came across this a few weeks ago in the liquor store while looking for a gift for someone very special… ME. It’s wintery out and sometimes beer or wine just ain’t cutting it. So I was wandering around looking for something to sip. YUCK, bourbon. Wait, what? Black Cherry Infused Bourbon? I figured I’d give it a shot. After all, I like manhattans with a little extra cherry juice spilled in them, so why not cut out all the mixing and measuring and sip something that already tastes like cherry? No-brainer, right? It’s a LITTLE sweet so it needs to be watered down with a little ice, but it’s definitely better than sipping straight bourbon (for me). It’s a good, cheap gift to give at a party or for that someone who already has everything.

Ugly Sports Sweater – ~$40 (prices vary)

We all know a big time sports ball guy, right. This may not be an everyday sweater, but it’s a crowd pleaser. They can wear it to the ugly holiday sweater party, wear it to their bro’s house to watch the big game, wear it alone in their living room because they are superstitious and have a mental problem that makes them think they’re actually helping those huge strong athletes win the game by pumping their fist and yelling at their TV.

Nikko Air – Air Elite 115 Race Set – ~$50

Heck yeah, who doesn’t want a drone, especially a racing drone? Your friend, or dad, or whomever is going to LOVE a durable (yes, you can crash it a jillion times like us), fast, easy to fly drone. It has tons of features including 16 one-touch stunts, variable flight modes (so you can set it to beginner for when grandpa wants to try to fly), access to a simulator that you download to mac or PC and control with the same remote, and a protective plastic ring to protect it during your learning flights. This is a ton of fun and we love ours.

Zerust VC2-2 NoRust Vapor Capsule – Pack of 4 – ~$20

Nothing funny about these babies. A clean and corrosion-free firearm is the only safe firearm. These are a great alternative to WD-40 or gun oil for protecting the stored firearms of your gun-owning loved ones from rust and corrosion. Not only great for guns but any metal, which means they are also useful inside tool boxes, utility drawers, tackle boxes, knife drawers, etc. These protect anything enclosed within 2 feet for up to 2 years. NICE!

Irwin Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper, 8″ – ~$20

Your eyes are getting a little old, it’s getting a little harder every year to find the right size hole for your wire guage in your old-fashioned wire stripper. It’s time to modernize and put some new wire strippers on your wish list. Yeah, SELF-ADJUSTING wire strippers! What? You didn’t know there was such a thing? Well, I guess that makes sense, you haven’t stripped a wire in a while. Probably because last time you did it you chose the wrong guage, snipped the wire off too short by accident and screwed up the whole job. Get these and save yourself time and embarassment.

Digital Electronic Clock DIY Solder Practice Learning Kits – ~$8

Have a budding tinkerer on your hands? Maybe your 11-year old has started taking things apart like we used to do when we were kids (we ALMOST always got them back together good as new). This kit is awesome for anyone looking to learn more about circuitry and soldering. When done you have a cool-looking functional clock.The closest we ever got to having something this cool is when we dismantled Pete’s Mickey Mouse telephone so it looked like a robotic Mickey with no skin. Probably while staying up all night in Pete’s room watching Saturday Night Live VHS tapes.

Insulated Coveralls – $50-100+

The spies have revealed that this is exactly what Pete wears when he’s working outside or snow-blowing his driveway in the wintertime. And guess what? They are so warm that he usually is just wearing a t-shirt and his little thong or whatever he wears. And he never gets cold, he freaking SWEATS. Mmmm, cozy. Pro-tip, don’t get “long” unless you’re really tall, you’ll be happier with the flood-water shorter version. Doesn’t really matter what brand. They are all probably about the same, but Pete has “Zero Zone”.

AccuMASTER 2-in 1 Magnetic Digital Level and Angle Finder – ~$30

We swear by this doohickey. It’s a level, it’s an angle finder, it’s magnetic, it has a carrying pouch, it has a large LED easy-to-read screen, it instantly tells you what you need to know. We use it on every job whether we need to or not because technically our eyes are perfectly calibrated to determine if a picture on a wall is level and if a 2×4 is plumb, but we double-check with this.

COCODE Detail Brush Set – ~$18

Know someone who obsesses over their car? This is a great gift for them. It’s an auto detailing brush set perfect for car, motorcycle, cleaning wheels, dashboard nooks and crannies, interior, exterior, air vents, emblems, hmmm, any other keywords I can cram in here? Nah, I guess not.

Chemical Guys IAI503 Grit Guard Bucket Insert

Sticking with the car-washing theme, this simple little bucket insert sits at the bottom of the wash bucket and all the grit you just washed off your car settles to the bottom. This saves your ride from all the grit being slapped right back onto your delicate paint surfaces and swirled around like sandpaper. This is a utility gift that will really be appreciated.


Have any items you can’t live without? Let us know about them, we’ll try them out and if we love them, maybe they’ll be in our next guide.

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