October 12, 2012

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Building Countertops for a Popup Camper

Project Popup Camper: Countertops Okay, I got some work done on Project Popup. For those of you who forget, go here. For those of you are mesmerized by our handsomeness and don’t want to leave this page, our picture will be there too. Seriously now. Project Popup is a 2000 Viking camper trailer. I bought … Continue Reading


Building Model Boats

I was fascinated with PT-109. The boat. The stories. Infamously chopped in half by a Japanese destroyer while on patrol in the Solomon Islands—and the crew rescued by John F. Kennedy. But mostly, I was mesmerized by the guns and torpedoes. I was seven or eight, and weirdly into war stuff. Maybe not so weird. … Continue Reading


Fixing a Broken Kid’s Art Table

Something happened to my daughter’s el cheapo, white art table a couple weeks ago. It could have been some serious painting and coloring going on, or it could have been me standing on it to hang some Christmas decorations, but let’s not point fingers. Here’s what happened. I turned it into a tri-pod I mean … Continue Reading

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Crayola Crayon Bank Repair

Every day I put all my pocket change into J’s Crayola Crayon Bank. She wanted to tap into her Xmas money to buy an Imaginext Dinosaur. What did I learn carrying her Crayola Crayon Bank into the living room?   AWESOME. I get to fix something. Sometimes we show how to fix a tool handle,  sometimes … Continue Reading

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Crafty bug

Have you ever asked yourself “What do I do with these empty egg cartons?” AND “What kind of craft can I make with my son or daughter?”. Probably not, but you MIGHT have. If you DID you are in SO MUCH luck. This is the oldest trick in the book. I have no idea what … Continue Reading


Sugru Hacking A Horse Ear

You might be saying “How do I fix my daughter’s toy horse?”. There could be lots of reasons you’d be saying that. Maybe your kid broke it, maybe you broke it. I’m not saying I DID break it, I’m just saying kid toys are so freaking fragile. Maybe it was sitting on the TV stand … Continue Reading

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