February 15, 2012

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Build a DIY Cat Condo, Kitty Tower, Scratching Post, Cat Tree

If you just want some cat tree plans, download them. Otherwise begin to read. You’ll need to read anyway. A few months back, the family was in the pet store and we came upon those things. Things for cats to climb on, sleep, scratch…cough up hairballs. My Daughter: “Dad can we get one of these … Continue Reading


Dad Gifts: Shop Stuffers. (Or really big stocking stuffers for Dad.)

Well, not only for dad. I think plenty of moms would love this stuff too. Or people with big stockings. Here’s a smattering of stuff you could put next to the stocking if not in it. Some new and cool tools. Some ol’ faithful friends.  An unofficial official Christmas tool guide if you will… Either … Continue Reading


Dad Gifts: Stocking stuffers part deux

We thought about categorizing this as gifts for DIY ladies but they’re good quick gifts for anyone, so don’t be sexist. Let’s get to it. Knee Pads Trust me, you don’t realize you need knee pads until you’ve been kneeling down for hours helping a friend put down a room full of tile. You’re kneeling … Continue Reading

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DIY Sawhorses

Download Sawhorse Plans Click on the image to download some awesome sawhorse plans. Overdesigned and undervalued. —-> I started working on the countertops for Project Popup and quickly realized I needed another work surface. I’m fortunate enough to have about 1000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, but it’s jammed with half of my tools (the … Continue Reading


Minimal Monday: Jigsaw Blade Case

You know Dadand likes tools. And stuff that goes with tools. The other day, I stopped at a home center that I don’t often visit. I was price checking some patio doors. And I decided to browse the tool section to compare their pricing to my usual home center. (Note: if a certain home center … Continue Reading


Reinforcing Drywall to Mount Stuff (or Fixing Drywall)

Damn terlit paper holder. There is no way you can mount this type of stuff to drywall without it coming loose at some point. You take a trip to the home center to find some new type of magic anchor that will actually hold something on the wall. But you just buy a bigger anchor. … Continue Reading

Fixing a leaky roof DIY

How to Fix a Roof Leak – Part 2

There’s nothing like the feeling of having to go up on the roof to do man work. Even if you’re just cleaning a gutter, removing a fallen tree limb or gathering up the myriad of Frisbees, lost balls or parachuting action figures, roof work reinforces “man-ness” every time. Neighbors come outside, hemming and hawing while … Continue Reading


Minimal Monday: Roof Leak Locating and Repair

In my past, I built an entire new kitchen—floor to ceiling. I’ve demo’d the bathroom floor to move a toilet. Hell, I’ve even designed and installed a new septic drain field to go along with that toilet. But nothing seems as scary as water dripping from the ceiling. It’s rained constantly for the past 48 … Continue Reading

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how to fix a broken tool handle

Tool handle repair, or how to fix a broken tamper handle

So I’m using a 10×10 tamper to help cram about 100 gallons worth of weeds into a 50 gallon sized garbage can. After about the third smash, OH SNAP! (pun intended) Broken tamper handle.  Here’s how I fix that broken tool handle. This is what I’m looking at. No problem. Time for some tool handle … Continue Reading

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How to remove a stripped screw.

If you want to know how to remove a stripped screw, or what IS a stripped screw, that right up there is a stripped screw. If that happens out in the shed when you’re building a workbench, no big deal. Cut it off with your angle grinder and put in another. When it happens in … Continue Reading

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