May 13, 2013

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Reattach rearview mirror

Reattaching a Rearview Mirror

It’s a super-hot day and you find your rearview mirror lying on the floor of your car. You get a little aggressive when adjusting your mirror because the jerk behind you is blinding you and it ends up in your hand. You jump up because you spill the cup of coffee between your legs because your … Continue Reading

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Fixing an Allumawallet with Elmer’s ProBond Advanced™ Glue

The Alumawallet has become the Father’s day gift du jour around here. If you’ve seen the informercial you no doubt have seen a truck run over it and it’s unharmed. I know it’s hard to believe but the infomercial exaggerates slightly. The Alumawallet bends just from sitting on it, and NO, this bend in the … Continue Reading

How to Resolve sense key = MEDIUM ERROR on MacBook Pro FEAT

Your DVD or CD won’t burn? How to Resolve Sense Key = MEDIUM ERROR on MacBook Pro

I was preparing to backup and archive some files from 2012 onto DVD and I kept getting the error “Sense Key = MEDIUM ERROR”. You know, the one where you get all ready to burn and everything spins and makes noises like it will work, then, BONK: KISS I should have kept it simple because … Continue Reading


Building Countertops for a Popup Camper

Project Popup Camper: Countertops Okay, I got some work done on Project Popup. For those of you who forget, go here. For those of you are mesmerized by our handsomeness and don’t want to leave this page, our picture will be there too. Seriously now. Project Popup is a 2000 Viking camper trailer. I bought … Continue Reading


Cleaning out a dryer lint trap

Giving your dryer lint trap a good cleanout is a satisfying and simple job. It will also freak you out at what you find in there. I alluded to THIS post in my post about Changing a dryer drum/drive belt. In step 2 I said “Trust me, you should stick something in there. you think … Continue Reading


Fixing a Loose Toilet Seat

Sometimes I’m just not sure how stuff breaks, loosens or gets all wonky on its own. Like a toilet seat. I could understand maybe the hinges becoming worn over time, from lifting the lid…no…wait, I have three boys and a girl. The lid never gets lifted. No matter what. Okay, but not the hinge mount—you … Continue Reading

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Cleaning Small Engine Carburetors

You’re a Man. Or a Woman. You like your tools motorized. Motorized with an engine—that you have to start with a pull cord. The kind that awesomely cut the crap out of your grass or hedges; that blow snow into your neighbors driveway; the kind that till the earth so you can plant the back … Continue Reading


Fixing a Broken Kid’s Art Table

Something happened to my daughter’s el cheapo, white art table a couple weeks ago. It could have been some serious painting and coloring going on, or it could have been me standing on it to hang some Christmas decorations, but let’s not point fingers. Here’s what happened. I turned it into a tri-pod I mean … Continue Reading

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Crayola Crayon Bank Repair

Every day I put all my pocket change into J’s Crayola Crayon Bank. She wanted to tap into her Xmas money to buy an Imaginext Dinosaur. What did I learn carrying her Crayola Crayon Bank into the living room?   AWESOME. I get to fix something. Sometimes we show how to fix a tool handle,  sometimes … Continue Reading

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Reinforcing Drywall to Mount Stuff (or Fixing Drywall)

Damn terlit paper holder. There is no way you can mount this type of stuff to drywall without it coming loose at some point. You take a trip to the home center to find some new type of magic anchor that will actually hold something on the wall. But you just buy a bigger anchor. … Continue Reading

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