June 19, 2015

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Strollin’ with Target

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Target. It’s not a typical dadand.com post because we’re not talking about tools or DIY, but we do have “dad” in our title and we do actually talk about fatherhood from time-to-time, so they asked me to discuss my take on fatherhood and style. Little did they know I only … Continue Reading


Dadand meets Photoshop Elements

We’ve been Photoshopped. Errr… Photoshop Elemented. You’ve heard the infamous software noun used as a verb lately—mostly when they refer to fashion mag covers and making some super skinny model even skinnier. Well Pete and I will be putting some nouns and verbs together, along with other parts of the English language, over the next … Continue Reading


Pete is Old.

Yup. Pete is old. In fact, today he is another year older. Everyone say Happy Birthday to Pete. I’ve been saying Happy Birthday to Pete for over 3o-something years. We’ve never missed each other’s birthday. Sometimes we’re there in person, others, we’re there in spirit. Two years ago, I came up to see Pete, Emily … Continue Reading


Man-up Mondays by Dockers®

As purveyors of fine pants, and promoters of XY chromosomes everywhere, the peeps at Dockers® partnered with Dadand to “Wear the Pants.” Pete and Marty are gonna Wear the Pants, while you readers win some, or at least get a damn good deal on picking up a pair at dockers.com. So for the next three … Continue Reading

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