May 20, 2015

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Kobalt 80V Max Cordless Electric Outdoor Power Equipment

Dare I say that it’s becoming easier to do yard work because cordless electric outdoor power equipment is getting better and better? I do, I do dare say. And I also recommend this 80V line from Kobalt, the newest line of rugged outdoor tools all powered by the same rechargeable 80-volt max lithium-ion battery system. I’m not getting … Continue Reading


How to Build an allen+roth Outdoor Fire Pit Kit

A cool evening, some wine, your best girl or guy by your side, and a crackling fire to warm your tootsies. Romance, that’s the one thing I think of when I think of a fire pit. Oh, and burning stuff. Romance and burning stuff, the two things I think of when I think of fire pits. Like most things in … Continue Reading


Outfitting the Patio with Lowe’s

Outdoor entertaining was an oversight when my home was built, and I guess it never occurred to anyone who lived here before me that no patio = no summer picnic. (Well, there’s a screened in cement slab porch/sunroom type of thing, but I consider a patio something that’s outside, in the open.) And since there’s … Continue Reading


Create some Curb Appeal

#SpringisCalling It calls all right. It’s calling me out for the almost-criminal neglect of the front of our home during the winter. It’s not like Winter really prevented me from doing anything. But in Florida, I still have to mow the lawn in January. Water plants and pluck weeds, too. And I probably haven’t done … Continue Reading


Painting Awkwardly-shaped Objects (Patio Chairs)

Waaay back in this post, I built a small deck on the front of my house. Concealed in a planting bed, the deck offers us a place to sit, relax and watch the kids play out front. I can’t believe it’s been two years already. Two years. Two years since I bought some Adirondack chairs … Continue Reading


Patio Floor: From Pitiful to Porcelain

Or simply “Tiling Your Patio Floor.” Or more realistically, “One Weekend of Tiling Turns into Three Weeks on a Hot Patio.” I’m gonna fix the “hot patio” part soon, but for now let’s get to the ground. Oh hey, did we mention we’re now Handyman Bloggers for Lowes Creative Ideas? Well, we are. And in … Continue Reading


Adding an outdoor pole-mounted hose hanger with faucet

My parents live in an 1880-something house that has been retro-fitted for indoor plumbing. The problem is the people who did it in 19-whenever didn’t put a hose faucet on the outside of the house. Because of that, for years, every time my my parents want to use a hose outside they have to either … Continue Reading

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DIY Sawhorses

Download Sawhorse Plans Click on the image to download some awesome sawhorse plans. Overdesigned and undervalued. —-> I started working on the countertops for Project Popup and quickly realized I needed another work surface. I’m fortunate enough to have about 1000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, but it’s jammed with half of my tools (the … Continue Reading


Summer Splash

“Daaaaad…I’m booorrred.” At least 23 times per day. “What are we going to do? Are we going outside? Can we ride bikes? Is it going to rain again?” “Dad. I’m. Bored.” Yup. It’s summer. Summer’s in full swing and for most people that means school’s out and it’s time to keep the kids busy. Although … Continue Reading

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

We all dream of a lush, green lawn… a lawn with those cool, alternating, diagonal lines like a baseball field… a lawn that is manicured with the precision and accuracy of the eyebrows of that orange guy I saw out at the bar the other night. If you want a lawn that looks so good … Continue Reading

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