August 5, 2013

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Photography: Lighten Dark or Uneven Exposures

Living in a town that is driven by travel and tourism, I notice two things are frequently happening around me—people taking photos, and people asking for directions to some place they will undoubtedly take more photos. We’re in the theme parks all the time and I see many photo faux pas: shooting into the sun … Continue Reading

The Maclaren BMW Stroller

The Maclaren BMW Stroller

The Maclaren BMW Buggy (or as we say in the USA, stroller) is sleek and cool, combining the best materials and design details to create what we found to be a pretty rad stroller. Maclaren contacted Dadand to be one of the first sites in the US to have their new BMW stroller and put … Continue Reading


Building Model Boats

I was fascinated with PT-109. The boat. The stories. Infamously chopped in half by a Japanese destroyer while on patrol in the Solomon Islands—and the crew rescued by John F. Kennedy. But mostly, I was mesmerized by the guns and torpedoes. I was seven or eight, and weirdly into war stuff. Maybe not so weird. … Continue Reading


Fixing a Broken Kid’s Art Table

Something happened to my daughter’s el cheapo, white art table a couple weeks ago. It could have been some serious painting and coloring going on, or it could have been me standing on it to hang some Christmas decorations, but let’s not point fingers. Here’s what happened. I turned it into a tri-pod I mean … Continue Reading

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Do you wrap the gifts from Santa?

Do you wrap the gifts from Santa? Or are they just out there in the morning, like BLAM! SANTA! Much of it is about creating a sense of magic. The way I think my parents did it was you write the letter to santa and ask for ONE THING (not 50 things). And in the … Continue Reading

Assembly of kid's bike, bicycle from dad blog

Assembling Kid’s Bikes

Assembling the Mongoose Mutant 16″ Boys Freestyle Bike to be exact. The kids went from swaddled little burritos to training wheels…awfully fast. Today my son and daughter, fraternal twins, turned four. I remember on the morning they were born—I was remembering bringing home my first born. Got that? You know, there’s no manual. You don’t … Continue Reading


Summer Splash

“Daaaaad…I’m booorrred.” At least 23 times per day. “What are we going to do? Are we going outside? Can we ride bikes? Is it going to rain again?” “Dad. I’m. Bored.” Yup. It’s summer. Summer’s in full swing and for most people that means school’s out and it’s time to keep the kids busy. Although … Continue Reading

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Finished remote control

Kid-Proofing Your Home

My beautiful wife, Star, asked me the other day where all of the small spoons were. “Are there some in the dishwasher, because the drawer is empty?” “Yeah there’s like two here.” I replied. “That’s it?” she asked. My thoughts played like jump-cuts in a 15 second TV commercial. I saw my 3 year-old twins … Continue Reading

Egg-dying with direct food color application onto the egg.

The best part of Easter… Colored Eggs

Man, Easter is one of those super-religious holidays. My religious knowledge has, let’s just say… lapsed, but apparently a LOT of stuff happened to Jesus around Easter. There’s lent, which is the day people put ashes on their head and deny themselves things for like a month and constantly tell you what they gave up … Continue Reading

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A small deck within a planting bed.

Dead Plant = Deck, Part 2

I had been itching all week to work on this thing, one, to get the stuff out of my front yard, and two, I had to look at it every night this week when I came home from work and just wanted it done. This week gave me some time for the PT to dry … Continue Reading

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