September 30, 2015

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Install a 3-Way Lamp Switch

Click…click…click. Click. Click-click. That’s the sound of a lamp with a three-way bulb. It was my grandfather trying to find the right level of light to read by. I think one almost never gets it right the first time. So you turn it on…up…up. Off. Then you realize two clicks will get you there. I … Continue Reading

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Photography: Fixing Group Photos

It never fails. You take a group shot and something (someone) always ruins it. They blink. They look away. A rabbit ear here, a nose pick there. Little Billy vomits or the dog is humping Aunt Dot’s leg. Well, I got a fix for most of those. Crate the dog Tell everyone to say “cheese.” … Continue Reading


Fix a broken cap with J-B WELD KwikPlastic

A few weeks ago I had the unfortunate job of climbing up on the roof of my parent’s shed to cut down dead limbs (trees) with their Remington Pole Saw. Everything was going great until I lost my balance, almost fell off the roof, and the pole saw slammed down (upside-down) right on the bar … Continue Reading

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Need a gas mask? They had child and adult sizes.

You don’t have Skycraft.

You don’t have Skycraft, but you wish you did. Do you need a toggle switch with one of those red safety covers like they use when they launch rockets? Or how about an actual surplus rocket? You need Skycraft Parts & Surplus. I’ve been in Orlando for almost 35 years, and I think this place … Continue Reading


Spatula Resurrected

Maybe a better title is: “How do I fix my broken spatula?” So I accidentally broke my favorite spatula. I didn’t COMPLETELY break it, I did worse, I took a hunk out of it. I don’t quite know what happened, it was a blur. Anyway, HOW it happened isn’t important, what IS important is that … Continue Reading

Sugru. Most awesome thing ever?

Sugru is very science-y, indeed.

Everyone should go online and buy sugru now. There, I said it. Everyone has something that needs it, whether you realize it or not. It’s like a modeling clay that cures into a sturdy but flexible silicone overnight. I’ve used sugru for lots of things, fixing toys, fixing broken sunglasses, fixing apple products, cords, and making … Continue Reading

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