March 25, 2011

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License plate

What has your car dealership done for you?

Maybe a better title is “Remove the dealership’s license plate frame from your car” You know what I’m talking about right? The frame that surrounds your car license plate? The one that displays the name and phone number or website of the dealership where you bought your car? They also usually manage to put some kind of sticker or … Continue Reading

A small deck within a planting bed.

Dead Plant = Deck, Part 2

I had been itching all week to work on this thing, one, to get the stuff out of my front yard, and two, I had to look at it every night this week when I came home from work and just wanted it done. This week gave me some time for the PT to dry … Continue Reading

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Cans of beans marketed to kids

Brand Synergy + Kids = Vegetables

With four kids, we try to maintain a relationship with each child individually, and since the middle two are twins (and innocently referred to by friends and family as a single entity), this is especially important. We’ve got some kind of cranial queue going on, keeping track of which one went with who, and where. … Continue Reading


Causin’ a Ruckus

My love of scooters started back in like 1985 when Marty, or maybe it was his brother Fry (Brian), got a Honda Aero 50 scooter. Man we used to beat the crap out of that thing (sorry Marty’s mom). I don’t even really remember being old enough to ride it, or having any kind of … Continue Reading

Wall of glue.

Addicted to glue

Ever drawn to something totally ridiculous? Have some kind of strange addiction? Me too. It’s glues, bonding agents, etc. It didn’t really hit me until I happened to be in Michaels craft store. I walked down the glue aisle and I was like daaaaaamn I want a wall like this at my house, in my … Continue Reading

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Sugru. Most awesome thing ever?

Sugru is very science-y, indeed.

Everyone should go online and buy sugru now. There, I said it. Everyone has something that needs it, whether you realize it or not. It’s like a modeling clay that cures into a sturdy but flexible silicone overnight. I’ve used sugru for lots of things, fixing toys, fixing broken sunglasses, fixing apple products, cords, and making … Continue Reading

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