April 7, 2014

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Kitchen Paint Refresh

Not everyone can change a dryer belt, build a cat condo or assemble your kid’s bike. But everyone can pretty much paint a room. You might not be a pro, but you have no problem picking up a brush or a roller (but never one of those paint pad things), opening up a gallon of … Continue Reading


Reinforcing Drywall to Mount Stuff (or Fixing Drywall)

Damn terlit paper holder. There is no way you can mount this type of stuff to drywall without it coming loose at some point. You take a trip to the home center to find some new type of magic anchor that will actually hold something on the wall. But you just buy a bigger anchor. … Continue Reading


Reattaching a Paper Towel Holder

Did someone at your work or home get a little aggressive ripping paper towels off the mounted holder above the sink? Same here. But fear not those large holes in the wall where it used to be attached, there’s always some kind of fix for your problem. In my opinion, one of the best options … Continue Reading


Patching a large hole in the drywall

Maybe the door knob popped a hole in the wall. Maybe one of your friends had too much scotch at the weekly poker game and when he stood up to go to the bathroom he stumbled and put his hand through the wall. Whatever the reason, there’s no better way to look handy and impress … Continue Reading

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