April 20, 2012

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Building Model Boats

I was fascinated with PT-109. The boat. The stories. Infamously chopped in half by a Japanese destroyer while on patrol in the Solomon Islands—and the crew rescued by John F. Kennedy. But mostly, I was mesmerized by the guns and torpedoes. I was seven or eight, and weirdly into war stuff. Maybe not so weird. … Continue Reading

Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh? (It’s Free Printable Clothing Drawer Labels)

I’ve got a secret. Well, not really a secret, but more like a discovery.  I found this room in my house. It was kinda like stumbling upon the lost city of Atlantis. A dirty, smelly Atlantis where there is an abundance of lonely unmatched socks. Yes, under piles of clothes, empty detergent jugs, mop buckets … Continue Reading

Egg-dying with direct food color application onto the egg.

The best part of Easter… Colored Eggs

Man, Easter is one of those super-religious holidays. My religious knowledge has, let’s just say… lapsed, but apparently a LOT of stuff happened to Jesus around Easter. There’s lent, which is the day people put ashes on their head and deny themselves things for like a month and constantly tell you what they gave up … Continue Reading

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Crafty bug

Have you ever asked yourself “What do I do with these empty egg cartons?” AND “What kind of craft can I make with my son or daughter?”. Probably not, but you MIGHT have. If you DID you are in SO MUCH luck. This is the oldest trick in the book. I have no idea what … Continue Reading

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