August 7, 2012

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Pete is Old.

Yup. Pete is old. In fact, today he is another year older. Everyone say Happy Birthday to Pete. I’ve been saying Happy Birthday to Pete for over 3o-something years. We’ve never missed each other’s birthday. Sometimes we’re there in person, others, we’re there in spirit. Two years ago, I came up to see Pete, Emily … Continue Reading


My Little Pony Birthday Cake Fail

I make my daughter’s birthday cakes by hand. They’re not professional level, and neither of us care (at least she doesn’t yet). They’re usually a little crooked, slanted, and never perfect, but nothing this bad… the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Birthday Cake Fail. OK, so I KNOW I can go to the grocery store … Continue Reading

Assembly of kid's bike, bicycle from dad blog

Assembling Kid’s Bikes

Assembling the Mongoose Mutant 16″ Boys Freestyle Bike to be exact. The kids went from swaddled little burritos to training wheels…awfully fast. Today my son and daughter, fraternal twins, turned four. I remember on the morning they were born—I was remembering bringing home my first born. Got that? You know, there’s no manual. You don’t … Continue Reading


Happy Birthday to my man Marty

Most of you think of April 1st as April Fool’s Day. Not me, I’ve always thought of it as Marty’s birthday. Those of you who know Marty know that he’s awesome. He’s smart, caring, kind, funny, talented, and a great dad. He’ll drop everything to help out a friend, or a stranger. He’s been an … Continue Reading

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