Give the Gift of Giftables

You know that person. The gift curator. They’re able to fight the crowds, hit the right stores, source the perfect items and package up an awesome multi-part gift. They didn’t just get you the thing. But the thing with the other thing that goes with it. And that one part that makes it better combined … Continue Reading


Review: Biolite BaseCamp Grill

Nomophobic campers take notice! You like camping. Equipment. Electronics. Gadgets. Cooking over a flame. Maybe you’re just a tailgater. Or you’re the zombie-apocalypse-is-imminent-type and are concerned about how you’ll play candy crush on your phone during the end times. You probably still like the same stuff. Just like us. So check this out: It’s a … Continue Reading


Painting Furniture: Makeover a Child’s Chair with A Dr. Who Theme

“EXTERMINATE…EXTERMINATE!” Ugh. I shudder. The shrill, modulated cheap voice effect screams from my television. “EXTERMINATE.” For those of you who don’t know Who, then the Who I refer to, is the Doctor. Dr. Who. I don’t mind it, but there are these robot things that yell “exterminate” all the time—those I can’t take. My kids … Continue Reading

DIY Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Wand

How to Make a Harry Potter Wand and a Hermione Granger Wand

After reading all of the Harry Potter books and watching all of the Harry Potter movies, my daughter was using anything she could find as a wand.  I decided to step it up and make one. What is a wand, after all? It’s a stick. That’s what Ollivander used, so that’s what I’d use. What you … Continue Reading

American Girl Dollhouse Accessories 3D Printed

3D Printed Dollhouse Accessories

My daughter and I share the love of creating. While my version of creation might have me covered in woodchips or grease, my daughter is keen to painting, coloring and modeling clay. I guess, in a way, one could call us “Makers.” But I’ve always envisioned a “maker” as someone who is building circuits, programming … Continue Reading


Install a 3-Way Lamp Switch

Click…click…click. Click. Click-click. That’s the sound of a lamp with a three-way bulb. It was my grandfather trying to find the right level of light to read by. I think one almost never gets it right the first time. So you turn it on…up…up. Off. Then you realize two clicks will get you there. I … Continue Reading

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BenQ treVolo review

BenQ treVolo Bluetooth Speaker Review

My wife has a record. Well, quite a few of them. No, not the Guinness-kind-of-record. The plasticky-vinyl-kind-of-record. You know. Rappity-rappers use to scratch on them. Your parents had them, or (gasp) …grandparents had them. An LP. Anyway, I recently got her one. Apparently they’re making a comeback. Oh and it was Miles Davis’ Kind of … Continue Reading


Lawn Fertilizer Challenge – Part 2

So this is where our fescue fracas ends. The results of Pete and I fertilizing half of our lawns, having the lawns look kinda dumb for a month or so, and seeing who grew the best blades. If you got this far and are like “huh?,” then check out part 1 here. If you got … Continue Reading


DIY Container Garden

In case you didn’t see, Pete and I are having a little spring challenge to grow the best lawn. And while I was at Lowe’s picking up the Sta-Green fertilizer to get this off the ground, I thought it might be cool to do a little container garden instead of watching my grass grow. This … Continue Reading


Strollin’ with Target

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Target. It’s not a typical post because we’re not talking about tools or DIY, but we do have “dad” in our title and we do actually talk about fatherhood from time-to-time, so they asked me to discuss my take on fatherhood and style. Little did they know I only … Continue Reading

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