Clinton LumberKings shave their heads for charity with Wahl Grooming

The Clinton LumberKings Shave Their Heads to Raise Money for Cancer Research

Marty and I get mistaken for David Gandy and Marcus Schenkenberg all of the time, but we’re not male models, we’re regular guys. Handsome, smart, humble, regular guys. So it’s no wonder that Wahl Grooming, the grooming tools for regular guys, wanted us to tell you about a charity event they were involved in along … Continue Reading

George Nelson Block Clock Replica

George Nelson Block Clock Replica

As Handyman Bloggers for Lowe’s Creative Ideas we were given the challenge of making a homemade woodworking gift for the holidays. Me and Marty are big fans of mid-century modern design so I decided to tackle making a George Nelson Block Clock replica. History Lesson: George Nelson rules. He’s one of the guys who founded … Continue Reading


10+ DIY Car Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Marty and I have always both been DIY guys. One reason is because we’re cheap frugal. Another reason is that we want things done right. But mostly because we’re cheap. The fine folks at Purolator know how cheap we are so they tossed us some greenbacks and asked us to share some of our tips … Continue Reading


Our Favorite New Features in Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and a GIVEAWAY

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 was released earlier this week and we got to play around with it. We did our usual button pushing and knob twisting and wanted to share a couple of our favorite new features AND give away THREE copies of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 to our readers. Adobe scientists have spent their … Continue Reading

Bathroom Facelift

24-hour Guest Bathroom Facelift

We’re official Handyman Bloggers for Lowe’s Creative Ideas so it’s our job to do things that YOU can do in your house if you’re handy. This month I show you how you can use paint to give your bathroom a facelift in 24 hours. So, this is my half bathroom. I think this color is mauve? … Continue Reading


Philter Phun with Photoshop Elements

It’s filter week here at Dadand. First I’m changing oil filters, now I’m applying photo filters. During my first few years of using Photoshop, it seemed all I heard about was filters. “Hey man what filter did you use?” Everyone was “filter-happy.” Filters were something anyone could do easily. Open a photo, apply the filter … Continue Reading

Change your oil using new synthetic oil filters

How to Change Your Oil

We use to say “Oil” like “Earl.” As in… “There’s earl in them thar hills.” Black gold. Texas Tea. And then the Clampetts pull into my driveway in their ’23 oldsmobile truck and help me change the oil. These are the things that run through my head every time I change my oil. And yes, … Continue Reading


Workshop Organization

We’re official Handyman Bloggers for Lowe’s Creative Ideas so it’s our job to do things that YOU can do in your house if you’re handy. This month I decided to tackle my basement workshop. I just moved into a new house. This means that my workshop is in a complete state of disarray. Not because I … Continue Reading


The Toyota Sienna Minivan – Dadand Approved

I get why people make fun of minivans. I used to goof on them, too. They’re an easy target. They’re the sweatpants of the car world. People say you’ve given up on your individuality and next you’ll be wearing a white belt and pulling your pants up to your nipples, old man.  But that’s all crap, … Continue Reading


Energy Efficiency Using Smart Technology in Your Home

As far as technology goes, we’re all over it. From tools to cars to the systems in our homes we can’t get enough. We love it most when technology comes along to save some green. As Handyman Bloggers for Lowe’s Creative Ideas we’ve been trying to show you things you can do yourself to make things … Continue Reading

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