I’d guess that any time you’re anywhere with shopping carts there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get a cart with a cruddy wheel. It doesn’t turn right cause it has gum on it (because people are disgusting slobs) and keeps going blonk blonk blonk blonk blonkblonkblonkblonkblonkblonkblonk, or gets such a big chunk of crud on it that it stops spinning altogether and does that horrific screechy skid.

I get frustrated REALLY quickly with junky carts. To prevent frustration I stand there and look for what looks like the best cart, then I test it for like 20 steps and if it sucks I’ll keep going back and trying cart after cart. Even still, you can be in the middle of a store and run over some gum or something and have to hop on one foot while you drag your toe on the messed up wheel trying to knock off whatever crud got stuck on the wheel. If that doesn’t work you have to go get another cart transfer all your stuff, and ditch that cart.

Well check THIS out.

This was the wheel on an IKEA warehouse flat cart (not a shopping cart).

Best shopping cart wheel ever

Best shopping cart wheel ever

I don’t know about the history of these or what other stores have them. All I know is I’ve never seen them and they they don’t get gum, or candy, or other crap stuck on them. They have those little grooves with the scraping fingers riding almost on the surface to scrap off any crud. This is the back of the IKEA cart wheel, or the part that faces you while you push the car forward, so any crud that gets on the wheel gets shoveled off on the way up and around the back.

They still seem to be susceptible to plastic wrap or twine wrapping around the axle part on the sides of the wheel but I’m not sure what can be done about that. I’ll start thinking about it. Any ideas?

In the meantime I’ll go practice steering those IKEA carts with the 4 wheels on castors.

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