10+ DIY Car Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Marty and I have always both been DIY guys. One reason is because we’re cheap frugal. Another reason is that we want things done right. But mostly because we’re cheap. The fine folks at Purolator know how cheap we are so they tossed us some greenbacks and asked us to share some of our tips … Continue Reading

Change your oil using new synthetic oil filters

How to Change Your Oil

We use to say “Oil” like “Earl.” As in… “There’s earl in them thar hills.” Black gold. Texas Tea. And then the Clampetts pull into my driveway in their ’23 oldsmobile truck and help me change the oil. These are the things that run through my head every time I change my oil. And yes, … Continue Reading


The Toyota Sienna Minivan – Dadand Approved

I get why people make fun of minivans. I used to goof on them, too. They’re an easy target. They’re the sweatpants of the car world. People say you’ve given up on your individuality and next you’ll be wearing a white belt and pulling your pants up to your nipples, old man.  But that’s all crap, … Continue Reading

A temporary fix for a rusty mower deck

Fixing a rusty mower deck

I’ve always had a beater mower around. It finally got to the point where more grass (and sticks and rocks) came out of the holes in the deck than out of the grass shoot. “What’s a beater mower?”, you say? You know, it’s the mower you get off the side of the road with a … Continue Reading


How to Change a Headlight

Dadand was contacted by Sylvania and asked to review their new Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA bulbs. They must have ESP because I was just telling Emily how I feel like my headlights were dimming (which is a real thing by the way). Anyway, what better way to put together a quick tutorial on how to change your … Continue Reading


Building Countertops for a Popup Camper

Project Popup Camper: Countertops Okay, I got some work done on Project Popup. For those of you who forget, go here. For those of you are mesmerized by our handsomeness and don’t want to leave this page, our picture will be there too. Seriously now. Project Popup is a 2000 Viking camper trailer. I bought … Continue Reading


Connecting a Battery Tender to a Honda Ruckus

Anyone with a vehicle they store for a period of time needs a Battery Tender to trickle charge and maintain the battery. The Battery Tenders all come with 2 connection types, a ring terminal harness and an alligator clip harness. Each accessory has a 2-pin quick-disconnect plug so you can, like it says, quickly disconnect. You … Continue Reading


Cleaning Small Engine Carburetors

You’re a Man. Or a Woman. You like your tools motorized. Motorized with an engine—that you have to start with a pull cord. The kind that awesomely cut the crap out of your grass or hedges; that blow snow into your neighbors driveway; the kind that till the earth so you can plant the back … Continue Reading


Dad Gifts: Shop Stuffers. (Or really big stocking stuffers for Dad.)

Well, not only for dad. I think plenty of moms would love this stuff too. Or people with big stockings. Here’s a smattering of stuff you could put next to the stocking if not in it. Some new and cool tools. Some ol’ faithful friends.  An unofficial official Christmas tool guide if you will… Either … Continue Reading


My Subaru rattles, well, it USED to rattle.

Ever since I bought my Subaru Impreza Sport it’s had a weird rattle at around 2,000 RPMs and every time I drove it I thought “As soon as I get home I’m going to find that rattle”. Well I finally did it (after a year and a half). If something’s rattling it’s either a piece … Continue Reading

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